In the beginning…

I was excited when I first heard that every thinking ‘Spiller’s favourite Somali-Canadian rapper K’Naan was providing the theme song for the World Cup. Then I heard the execrable travesty that is the official Coke-endorsed version of Wavin’ Flag. Proof that it’s impossible to make a good football record (unless, of course, you’re Half Man Half Biscuit).

It’s sad that this particular recording is going to introduce him to a global audience of hundreds of millions. So I thought I’d post this as a small way of redressing the balance:

8 thoughts on “In the beginning…

  1. Well, I didn’t realize that football stadiums the world over are filled with young beautiful people whose hair moves in slow motion. Excellent!

    still love k’naan, though. I’m sure he didn’t dress those dancers.

  2. Mmm. I saw him live about 4 years ago, and he was, unquestionably, The Coolest Person on the Planet. I get the feeling that a lot of other people less cool than he (from Metallica to to Nelly Furtardo to Keane to the Coca-Cola marketing department) have realised this, and have gone to him in the hope of some reflected cool, but in so doing they’re diluting his cool. Still, I hope he’s making shedloads of money out of it, and not strugglin’ anymore.

  3. Good football records:

    Tack>Head – The Game
    Coloubox – Unofficial World Cup Theme
    Barmy Army – The English Disease (album)
    Gerry & The Pacemakers – You’ll Never Walk Alone
    The Fall – Sparta FC

  4. I’ve been thinking about it, and…maybe I like the video after all. After my initial reaction, I was thinking maybe it’s just a different concept of what cool is. With K’naan still being the coolest person on the planet obviously. It doesn’t actually say “coke” on it, anywhere, does it? I might be coming round to it.

  5. @shoey – maybe there’s a playlist to be made. My favourite footie anthem is “The Saints are Coming In” by The Skids (which, OK, isn’t actually a football song at all)

    @steen – I’m not so bothered by the video, it’s the glitzy production that makes me feel nauseous

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