1-2, 1-2 this is just a test…

It’s “Golden Week” over in Japan for the next 5 days or so, which means afternoons off for me and lovely sunshine, so what better way to spend these precious hours than sitting alone in a cramped flat trying to get my noggin around this new WordPress business.

I’m using Maki’s extremely clear guide, but nothing is beyond my complete technical inadequacy, so I hope it works.

The track is all-new Pocahaunted and is the title track from their latest opus.


**Edit** Thanks Shane, it worked! BTW, I spent a few days in the historic city of Kyoto a while ago, home to a huge number of historical, cultural and architectural treasures, many of which are official World Heritage Sites…..this was the only photo I came back with….

**Another Edit**

In case anyone is wondering what Ejay is talking about, I give you…..the Golden Turd! That’s art folks!

9 thoughts on “1-2, 1-2 this is just a test…

  1. two simple ways for pictures:

    start your new post –

    to the right of UPLOAD/INSERT (the first box) click.
    it’ll give you an ADD IMAGE window and 3 choices:
    1) from computer – click the choose file and up-load your art.
    2) from URL – put your link in
    3) from media library (this is your own pictures already used on the site)

    the other way to use an URL is:
    start new post –
    click HTML instead of visual (on the right above look-up)
    the 7th box in: IMG
    (the line of boxes that starts bold/ italic/ link keep going that’s it)

    click that put your ULR in the pop up window(EJDs method)

  2. thanks Shane, it worked a treat.

    @Ejay – haha! Yes, exactly! Every year the Emperor and his wife ceremoniously rub the turd to usher in a summer of good fortune…

  3. Hey JP – glad the instructions worked. This place is starting to feel a lot more like home now that more and more of us seem to be getting the hang of how the software works!
    Great picture. How do they prepare the milkshakes?

  4. Finally found time to listen to this, and…hmmm. Pocohaunted go funky? At first listen, at any rate, this sounds rather conventional and normal, rather than the unearthly hypnotic drones of their previous work. Actually it rather reminded me of the old Bananarama/Fun Boy Three song, and on the whole I’m afraid that’s not a terribly good thing in my book. This one is going to have to grow on me…

  5. thanks for listening guys…….well, they have always expressed their admiration for the Tom Tom Club, which is what I hear in this track and it’s true that the new album has much shorter and more immediately accessible “songs” but taken as a whole it’s still got the hypnotic ebb and flow we know and love…

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