This is just another test, though a bit more ambitious than my last efforts. Since I’d succeeded with Maki’s and Tin’s help in getting both an image and a tune up, I thought I’d try for a slide show. Irises are in full bloom right now and will be for another month, these are some from my garden and of course the vocal is by Ella, though she seems a bit slow to start. I was overcautious re. the image sizes, I could have made them larger so they’d fill the space.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


9 thoughts on “SPRING IS HERE

  1. nicely done – slideshow works a treat – subjected my friends to a couple when I went to visit last weekend.

    (now if someone could let me have a holiday – I’ll be back with a slideshow and ’70s finger food in a jiffy)

  2. If anyone’s interested I can explain, it’s actually easier than posting a single picture, thanks for the comments.

  3. For the gardeners hereabouts:
    the brownish/gold iris in the pictures, I didn’t plant that one, it invited itself, it’s a Pacific wild iris. I’ve got 6 beds of irises, many different varieties, and suddenly one year that one appeared out of nowhere, what’s amazing to me is that I’ve never seen another but somehow it knew to join it’s hybrid friends in my garden. Red is an impossible color with irises, there aren’t any, many growers are trying to hybridize one and here comes mother nature and she’s half way there without even trying.

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