7 thoughts on “Birdsong

  1. so do I just type out all TEN?

    earlies is a very special album to me so that gets a big thumbs up… one of my first thoughts, as with any mountain goats..

    that ‘love is all’ track is ace (even if tin would say the gorilla is drumming) getting repeated plays off the albums of March. (how’s April shaping up? haven’t had time to listen to anything this month)

    Jim White sounded fine and gravelly
    …and (hard early morning).. but I’m going to love the AGF tonight when I settle in for some artwork.

    beautiful morning listen.. ta shoemeister.

    • Cheers, Shane. Thanks for the great job hosting AOTM btw – certainly picked a busy month to saddle you with.

      Quite happy with this weeks playlist – my fave since Falling week. But then I love the gloomier stuff.

      • I really enjoyed it

        (I didn’t think it was gloomy – but I do champion lenny cohen as an up-beat funny guy)

        aotm was great – too many good albums, really getting to know them more now – and finding out who was behind them slowly.
        (clogs = the national
        music go music = bodies of water)
        just too much info in one month for my little head to take in!

  2. Nice list, Shoegazer. I enjoyed all of them.

    Laura Veirs was really nice – beautiful bud edgy. I listened to some of her stuff a while back when I was trying to figure out who sang on Yankee Bayonet. That was her, right?

  3. Cool list, liked the start to the Ratatat as always, not sure I always like the rest of their songs though, liked Laura Veirs, Piano Magic and Love Is All the most.

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