It was a very good year

Here’s my podcast!

1. I’m sorry! It’s extremely inarticulate and not well-explained, and I SWEAR my vocabulary is bigger than this!

2. I’m sorry, but it’s all hip hop, and I know that a) people who like hip hop will have heard everything in here b) people who don’t like hip hop won’t probably listen. But I ask that you give it a try. I only included about a minute of each song, so if you don’t like it, you don’t have long to wait. Gil Baily stylee! If anybody would like to hear the rest of any song, please let me know and I’ll drop it.

42 thoughts on “It was a very good year

  1. Love you two.

    Gil Bailey was this fellow that had a reggae show on a NYC station back in the day. He would play a smidgen of every song, and if it was one you liked, it would drive you CRAZY!

    If you’re familiar with Paul’s Boutique, at all…the voice that says “That’s Paul’s Boutique, and they’re in Brooklyn” is Gil Bailey.

  2. Well, Steen, that was bloody ace and supremely lovely (apart from all the swearing at the end 😉 ) – I loved the music ad the explanations; top banana & roll on the next one!

    I’m now off to bed to watch episode 2 of Treme. Night all!

  3. Great stuff Steen!

    Really enjoyed that on a rainy Friday morning…the only criticism would be that it was over too quickly!…….. I wanted more more more!

    and I love your accent too…….as Shane and Blimpy said, roll on the next one!

  4. That was awesome, you picked a very good year, I actually wasn’t sure what you meant by the elephant in the room, I thought that was from ’94. Amazing what came out in that one year, and I should say that it was you Steen who got me to give a fresh and proper listen to those De La and Digable Planets album. Also I’ve been surprised by the Coup (which I’d never listened to until you played them), I knew of their political leanings, but didn’t expect that G-funk sound, which I associate with gangster rap at the other end of the hip hop spectrum.

    Anyway, more podcasts please!

  5. Brilliant podcast Claire! Great idea for a theme too, I feel a 1969 or ’58 post coming on..
    Of the tracks I only knew Where I’m from (massive overplaying in cafes in 93-94 put me off it, but I can appreciate it now) and Steve Biko (from your ATCQ sampler) and I think they are all fantastic.
    Particularly loved the first two tracks- the Coup track has that hypnotic waves-rolling-onto-a-shore type of break and great sounding voices, Souls of Mischief gets into a deep groove with moody keys and bass. But they all leave me wanting to hear more.

  6. Ooh, a steencast! Love it, Claire – a real education for me as I’m clueless when it comes to hiphop. And this is all rather lovely. Especially the Digable Planets track. And I love the little home and family interruptions (Yo Isaac!). Plus, as Blimpy says, you just have a lovely voice to listen to.

  7. Thank you for the kind words, kind ‘Spillers!

    Japanther – I had no idea how long it was!! I was relieved that it wasn’t hours and hours long. Phew!

    Ejay – I thought you’d know them all.

    Nilpferd – Waves-rolling-into-a-shore type of break is such a perfect description!

    Bishbosh – I was hoping somebody who wasn’t too familiar with hip hop would say…that wasn’t quite what I’ve learned to expect. Thank you.

    Thank you all for listening.

  8. I really enjoyed that, steen. 1993 was a great year indeed. Mrs Maki and I finally tied the knot!
    Informative, fun and dealing with a genre I know very little about. Here’s another Brit that loves your accent, too. Great work. Thank you so much!

  9. Enjoyed this a lot, even though it’s not really my sort of music, and I agree with nilpferd that the concept is great; if only I actually had time to do another podcast, I’d be facing a terrible dilemma about what sort of podcast to do…

  10. Maki – you might be on to something! I met David in 1993, around this time of year, and it WAS a very good year.

    Nilpferd – me too!

    Abahachi – thank you so much for listening! I don’t know if you saw – I mentioned on RR a couple of weeks ago that I’d finally read Ancient and Modern. Not the place, I know. I want to prepare a more coherent response to e-mail to you, for which I plan to read it again, but I wanted you to know I really enjoyed it. Fascinating ideas, and just a very good read. Thanks for sending it, and sorry about the delay in responding. It’s hard for me to find a solid block of time to concentrate on something without interruptions, as you can hear in the podcast.

  11. I did see the comment, and then forgot (sorry), and anyway you’re right that it probably wasn’t the place. Many thanks for the positive comments; I didn’t want to put you under any obligation to read the thing, but since we’d talked about some of these things before I did want to give you the opportunity to do so.

  12. I never want ’93 to Infinity to ever end, that beat is one of my favourites in hip hop. Funnily enough, Digable lanets didn’t play Where I’m From (I think). Also, I’ve been listening to Queen Latifah’s early albums, and there’s one form 93 (Black Reign).

  13. Ah – Ejay, I noticed that Queen Latifah had an album that year, but I wasn’t familiar with it. I’d like to be, though. I only know about her…well stuff you hear and mainly as an actress. MC Lyte also has an album that year, but it’s not the one album by her that I have. I want to catch up on BOTH OF THEM. I admire them so much.

    Gotta put the boys to bed.

  14. Thanks Steenbeck – hip hop is not my thing but I am going to give your podcast a listen during the week and see if I can get my head around some of it. I refuse to grow old gracefully!!

  15. Oh, I almost missed this!

    I’m listening to it as I type. It’s a great concept, Steen, and 93′ was really a great year, (music wasn’t half bad either!). I barely listened to hip hop back then, though, and even if I had, most of this stuff didn’t really make it to Spain back then. It took the internet to fully develope for most of it to be available.

    Love the Coup track.

    Don’t have a fuzzy fact to share, but a totally random one… 93′ til Infinity was the first song I was able to put into a RR list, so it’s sorta special for me now. So happy you like it too.

    oh, and your accent is really cool (and pretty clear too, at least I get 90% of what you’re saying, which is very good by my standards, especially with americans!)

  16. Ah, this brought back many happy 90’s memories of hanging out in the Sapphire Supper Club on a Tuesday night for Phat & Jazzy with BMF & Slack. Great stuff.

  17. Just wanted to say thanks to DsD, Lambre and Shoey for listening. It would actually be interesting just to pick a random year and ask people where they were and what they were listening to.

    Lambre – I actually had a similar experience, I think. In ’93 I was listening to De la Soul, Public Enemy, ATCQ and the Beastie BOys. And that was pretty much it, hip hop-wise. But I think all of my listening was similarly narrow at that time, when you had to buy albums without really knowing what they sounded like (and money was scarce), and you couldn’t read about things endlessly online. I’ve never been somebody who was “in the know” about the latest, freshest stuff in any field (I’m still not!). I think that’s partly why this idea appealed to me – discovering a whole world that was out there all along, and I never knew it.

  18. It was like that, those days wasn’t it? You’d spend weeks trying to decide if you should buy one record or not,

    I was finishing my studies and I didn’t have a lot of money for purchases of any kind. And I’d rely on Radio 3 (Spanish public radio, dedicated to what roughly could be named as non-mainstream music) to find new stuff. Still, not a lot of hip hop in the menu… Cypress Hill, Arrested Development, the Beasties, Public Enemy, Ice Cube. De la Soul or ATCQ were unheard of back then.

    Admittedly, I wasn’t paying too much attention, either. I was a rockist, born and bred, and the early nineties were the swansong of our kind. Like usually happens with things you can’t get your head around too, I was somewhat prejudiced against hip-hop. And language was definitely a problem (to a degree, still is. There’s not a lot of hip-hop I can get without a lyrics sheet. God bless the internet for that too!)

    On that note… was it you or eJay who put Atmosphere in the dropbox a few weeks ago? I’ve been listening to Guarantees a lot, lately!

  19. Yeah, in those days I was listening to John Lee Hooker and Jimi Hendrix on cassette tapes with terrible fonts on the spines. Loved them though. I really did. I didn’t feel the need for much else.

    Atmosphere was not me. I hadn’t heard of it. But after a quick google, I’m guessing it was MR. Tin, who seems to be on a Minneapolis/StPaul kick, lately.

    • Atmosphere wasn’t me. I’ve never heard of them before.
      My kick’s more like a foot twitch steen; its just been Dessa. Although yesterday I did listen to Dylan’s Planet Waves that someone recommended at RR last week or the week before. And the new Hold Steady album’s out and I’ve managed one listen so far. Guess I could throw on a Prince album and a bit of Replacements and/or Bob Mould and be done with it. (The state sure makes up for in quality what its lacked in volume. You could do a desert island bands from Minnesota and not need anything else. How many other states can say that? Dylan, Prince, Finn, Westerburg – that’ll do me)

      Oh and Garrison Keillor is one of my fave light writers!

      Its often been said that Minnesota is more Canadian than Canada in values, and hey, you could do a pretty good desert island bands with Young, Mitchell, Oscar Peterson, D.O.A., that Cohen chap, K’naan…and Corey ”I Wear My Sunglasses At Night”

  20. Nice steencast! What a debut – you sound like an actual NPR presenter. I’m glad you ”forged ahead” after interuptions ’cause you’d probably never get a clear block of time to do it start to finish! And I really like just playing enough of the song to give us a good taste; it keeps the flow and focus. BBC’s Desert Island Discs does this on the podcast version due to licencing restrictions, and I prefer it.
    To your next podcast looking forward I am.

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