Everything around me is falling down

Cos it’s on the titles of a show I watch, I now have the itchy soul funk of Aloe Blacc in my head, I know nothing about this guy, but he’s got good horns and an expressive, yet restrained range.

8 thoughts on “Everything around me is falling down

  1. This is the song in situ, by the way:

    i love the titles, a great mix of photos and super slo-mo (which doesn’t come across so well on youtube) and some really clever cutting to time – i intend to rip it off as soon as I can! um, i mean – be inspired by it, natch….

  2. @debby – i can;t think of anywhere really – unless he “featured” on a bigger hit

    @shane -it’s kind of font shorthand for modern indie film making in a way – i quite like how massive the text is, cos you don;t see it that big these days

  3. I actually liked the show, it took a while to get going, but it makes sense, and it’s believable, within the realm of a drama. A lot of it reminds me of my time in New York, but anyway that song is so motherfunking soulful. I was going to send it as an earworm, but a journo at the Guardian already nicked it for that week’s F&M playlist.

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