The Good, The Bad & The Ugly…

…or How To Make It In Jamaica.
This doc follows three Jamaican artists on the road to fame and success, but only one will make it. Fear not, this is not Jamaica’s Got Talent or Jamaican Idol. It also features a couple of greats, especially Toots and Sly. Brushy One String isn’t one of them unfortunately, I hoped we’d see more of him.

Download here, or pick it up in the box.

2 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly…

  1. That was amazing! So much sound out of one string and a hand slapping the guitar.

    The show looks good. I was just thinking it had been too long since I’ve seen the Harder they Come, and this reminded me of that.

    I deleted some stuff from Dropbox, so, if it works the way I think it does (it’s a series of tubes and boxes, right? which people dump stuff in with a dump truck. Right?) there should be more room now.

  2. I messed with it, so now it’ll be finished uploading in a couple of hours. Worth the wait though, it’s really good.

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