Gettin’ the hang of things

Dontcha just hate havin’ to learn new stuff? Anyhow, while El Blimpo is clubbing in London, I thought I would try my ‘maiden’ post at the new home (look Ma, no safety net). Took a long time to figure that registering with doesn’t open any doors, but I eventually cracked the secret of how to get a New Post thingy. (You have to pull out the third book along on the top shelf in the library, right?)

So, to business. Some of you may have heard of the hang drum. It’s got nothing to do with hanging – the word ‘hang’ is from a Swiss dialect, and means ‘hand’. It’s a relatively new invention by some Swiss folk, who seem to jealously guard the idea, and each one is made to order – no mass production. They are therefore still relatively unusual, though I see the occasional busker with one. They sound a bit like a Trinidadian steel drum, and given that I grew up there, perhaps I’m more than usually attracted to the sound. No doubt they can be incorporated into most types of music, but the tracks I’ve come across are mostly gentle, soothing, trippy-hippy instrumentals (one album is called “Music for deep sleep”!). You can read more about the history and technical aspects of the hang drum here.

Hang drum

Hang drum in action

A selection of hang music follows (hopefully)

Although I followed the instructions for Titles and Artists meticulously, none appear, at least in Preview. In case anyone wants to know, the playlist comprises:

And the groove – Davide Swarup
Rainbow – Ann Malone
Bergamot – Neil Golden
Solar Plexus – Trevor Namaste
Loca – Ravid

Right on, or twee? Whaddayathink?

EDIT: My apologies to Blimpy for having missed his earlier post on the same topic (and with the same Title!!) – read it HERE

6 thoughts on “Gettin’ the hang of things

  1. Mmmmm. Vvvuuurr nahce on first listen, ghe, but I’m going to reserve final judgement until I’m convinced the hang drum isn’t going to be the new pan pipes.

  2. I could be really sarcastic and say…

    …Its a relatively new invention by some Swiss folk who have never been to Africa or the Indies or China… etc…. their jealously guarded idea is to use POSH and expensive metal instead of scrap….

    (bollox, I can be really sarcastic even at this time of the morning!)

    Nice post GHE, I do like the sound..(as Blimpy says, there was a mention last year) needs the right imagination from musicians to stop becoming the new pan pipes (copy-write DsD)

    first two a bit ‘Spiritual’ shop.. third would be enjoyed late at night… forth one is building up to some Jesus and Mary Chain Fuzz Guitar… (then it doesn’t – but that’s just what I wanted) good though… my son was singing at the same time with five.. so can’t comment..

    you got the audio spot on.
    nice one.

  3. @ blimpy – my apologies for missing your earlier post (great minds think alike) – edited my post to link to it.
    @ DsD – I think you may have hit the nail on the head. The thing that could rescue the hang from pan-pipedom would be if it infiltrates the mainstream as an occasional accent instrument, like the glockenspiel – and blimpy’s post perfectly exemplifies how it can be integrated into music that isn’t hang dominated.

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