Don’t Vote Cass McC0mbs
Do They Owe Jeffrey Lew!s
Move! Damian “Jr. G0ng” Mar1ey
Fellini For Prime Minister Ge0rge Pr!ng1e
The Unelected President Cra$$ (with sample of E.P. Thomson)

the Government Sau1 W!11!ams
Juggle Tings Proper R00ts Manuva
Vote Or Die M0dese1ekt0r
Path To Wisdom J!m!Ten0r / T0ny A11en
Baby, It’s Time to Vote Mad Tea Party

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Elect This

P is for Panda Su

Panda Su is from Fife. She sings amazing songs of heartache and beauty, with a simple delivery that floors me every time. Sometimes she dresses up like a panda.

I played one of her tracks on an old podcast, and feel that the P slot in the A-Z of Scots music should really belong to her. She has one EP out, produced by Steve Mason no less, and it’s truly fab.

Have a listen to “Eric Is Dead”

Click here for her website, and to buy the EP. and there’s more after the jump if you like what you’ve heard.

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1-2, 1-2 this is just a test…

It’s “Golden Week” over in Japan for the next 5 days or so, which means afternoons off for me and lovely sunshine, so what better way to spend these precious hours than sitting alone in a cramped flat trying to get my noggin around this new WordPress business.

I’m using Maki’s extremely clear guide, but nothing is beyond my complete technical inadequacy, so I hope it works.

The track is all-new Pocahaunted and is the title track from their latest opus.

**Edit** Thanks Shane, it worked! BTW, I spent a few days in the historic city of Kyoto a while ago, home to a huge number of historical, cultural and architectural treasures, many of which are official World Heritage Sites…..this was the only photo I came back with….

**Another Edit**

In case anyone is wondering what Ejay is talking about, I give you…..the Golden Turd! That’s art folks!

EOTWQs still have the mic on

1. Sometimes I have very realistic dreams where I’m a character in a tv show that i’ve been watching a lot of (very convincing scripting too, it’s always great to get that extra unique episode) but if you had to live in a TV show for a month, which one would it be, and why?

2. My wife always stops me from buying hideous and grim things for the house (crows, stinky african masks with real hair on, bizarre scary wooden horses) but what thing have you managed to sneak in, against much opposition – or what item of homeware used to freak you out a bit when you were a child?

3. Two legs up and two legs down, soft in the middle and hard all around. Mini McF now knows all the answers to them but do you have a favourite riddle, (that you may well torment youngsters with)?

4. Gordon Brown got caught on the mic, with him rightly calling a voter “bigoted”, but have you ever had one of those “he’s behind me, isn’t me moments?” – My colleague and I did manage to refer to a client as “barking mad” over an internet broadcast, realising he was listening just seconds later….

5. Any small ways in which you stick it to “the man”?