11 thoughts on “Die Sterne

  1. cool, it worked! One thing I’m puzzled about.. on my dashboard, “my comments” doesn’t seem to recognize that I’ve made some already. Any ideas?

  2. Hamburg house indie disco in da spill …
    I can relax now!
    (highly nerve wracking football match is over – yeah)

    cool tune – like it.

    as for the comments – I have no idea – i get random updates or nothing.

  3. Wo bin ich? Ich bin in Berlin, again. Cool tune.
    About the comments, I only get notified when they’re from my own posts, or if I specifically asked to be sent follow up comments, for which I only have the option once i’ve written a comment, which is annoying. I also got an email asking me if I wanted to recurve comments from 3 random posts. Confusing.

  4. I used babelfish online translator to attempt to make this really poor joke:


    i think it would be best for everyone if i don;t bother submitting this comment

  5. That’s a great joke, Blimpy. Only, I’ve consumed the best part of one and a half bottles of wine down at our newly opened Italian local, and I’m not sure if I’ll get it tomorrow morning. But who cares?
    Cheers, shane and EJ- I like the idea of recurving comments. I have a lot of comments I’d like to recurve, most especially this one. Sleep well.
    Wait- on Blimpy’s suggestion I just fed comments, and see shane’s question re Bale Houses. Shane, I’m slightly pissed at the moment, but I’ve got a pirate stamp in masonry walls and a gold star in brick cladding, so bale houses can’t be that hard… perhaps I’ll get back to you tomorrow.. (unless you’re really keen on the leaning hay tower of Norwich..)

  6. Steen, I’d have given you my compl. Grappa if only you’d been around last night..

    For a list of all recent comments, so far I’ve done the following..
    on Dashboard go to My Blogs, select The Spill, then you get an overview of recent comments, select View All to see all comments, this seems to do the trick for me, I bookmarked this site and call it up now and then to see if anyone has been posting.
    You can also subscribe (Dashboard- subscriptions) to have comments sent to an email address, though the form is cumbersome, with too many headers and URL references.

  7. Still in the dark about how to get music clips playing on here though, that seems to be the biggest problem at the moment as Shoey has said.

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