‘Spill Housekeeping – Categories & Tags


Hi ‘Spillers!

In a vague attempt to make things more organised, and for ease of finding our way through our vast back catalogue (2,759 posts!!); I’m going to attempt to implement a loose categories and tags policy!

All posts have both categories and tags. The categories appear in the sidebar of The ‘Spill, and I’d like to keep this to a relative minimum. This is because I can make sub-pages on The ‘Spill that will only contain posts that are in a certain category.

For example, I’ve been asked before if we could have a page that has all the podcasts on it, which is easily done if they’re all posted in the podcast category. I also intend to make a ‘Spillharmonic page – and am open to suggestion for other pages we can have. These pages can then appear as tabs in the top bar.

Posts can also be tagged. I’ve turned our old list of categories into tags; so you can still search that way too. Feel free to use as many different tags as you like, including your user name if you like to be able to find all your previous musings.

To begin with I’d like to have music categorized by genre (I know that may lead to a probs but hey! If there’s one thing we like to do is argue about that sorta thing) and then have other categories like Film, Literature, Cooking, Musing, Architecture, etc.

So, to sum up:

  • Choose from the categories, but do add -for example – Dubstep – if it’s not there
  • Put whatever you like as tags, and as many as you like

Any thoughts and suggestions much appreciated in the comments please!

7 thoughts on “‘Spill Housekeeping – Categories & Tags

  1. I already have been tagging my threads with my username, and can vouch for how handy it has been.

    Suggestions for subcategories:




  2. But it happens automatically, Ed; just click on the name of a category, and you’re taken to a page which includes all the posts listed in that category.

    If they’re going to carry on – seems to have been a bit erratic recently – then regular slots like EOTWQ and AOTM need separate categories.

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