15 thoughts on “Have You Got My New Number?

  1. Nevermind tinrr or whatever I did before, I am giving my nick a norwegian flair in honour of the forests the Guardian rapes …. perhaps that’s the wrong tack to take

  2. Tsk, I might have to go into an A List-related sulk. I was secretly confident of one or two there… (God knows why.) Congrats, Maki. And by my reckoning, another hat trick for steen! Well done, folks.

  3. Thanks Bish and steen. I’m pretty stumped and won’t be at MFF (early morning tomorrow) the only one I can think of is the stranglers’ “sometimes” but for all the wrong reasons. They really set out the misogynist agenda there, didn’t they? “Some day I’m gonna smack your face” But it grabs you and hurts you – there’s no doubting that!

  4. Hello. Long time no speak. Finishing my dissertation…in meantime this is the updated Spotify playlist of all RR A-listed tracks. i dont know if someone else already does this so if they do I’ll shut up!



  5. Hi fourfoot, it’s been a long time and you’ve been busy, that’s an amazing list, scrolling through it brings back many specific memories, alphabetising it by artist helps, anyhow, glad you’re back, as you can see there’s been a few changes but the group’s basically the same though constantly changing.

  6. Oooh, I was just listening to fourfoot’s social CD whilst trolling about in a Transit van this week. I’d wondered where it had got to 🙂 Many happy returns!

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