34 thoughts on “WordPress Questions

  1. Hi, DR here, is there anyway to add the dropbox player?

    I don’t think you can add a plugin if your using a basic wordpress blog, but it is possible if you have your own hosted site.

    I’m not sure quite how you do it but it can be done, I tried looking on this blog to see if the dropbox info is added to the style html on your template like on blogger but couldn’t find it, but it does work on this site:


    I made a blog and tried to make the track play using the above [audio ] comment and it does turn it into a player, but when I tried it, it buffered the track endlessy but didn’t play it. Also it was just a symbol of a player without the track name – I’m sure that could be sorted out but it seems a little clunky, and I don’t think it will automatically play the next track, which is the best thing about dropbox – plus you don’t need to have flash turned on for it to play.

    The other problem is of course that adding the [audio ] mod to your mp3s means that you’ll have to edit your old posts.

    Without the audio mod the tracks that I have already posted (in the old stylee) can still be downloaded so I think I’ll keep them like that for the moment.

    Sorry to go on some, but it would ace to have the dropbox player back!

  2. I’m having problems. When it asks for picture URL’s, where do I get the URL’s in my iPhoto file.
    Ditto music URL’s in iTunes.
    I created this post below but it won’t publish, it will give me a preview but without the youtube image/sound. It shows the URL’s
    I’d intended to post a cut and a pic from my computer which was very simple via Googleblog, I couldn’t so I went to youtube instead.

    When I hit ‘Publish’ nothing happens.
    Here’s my post:

    March 25, 2010 by goneforeign | Edit
    I recently watched the film ‘Rockers’ again, for the umpteenth time, possibly the best reggae film ever made, everyone is in it, except for Bob and Toots, but they were having plenty of international exposure anyway. Here’s one of my favorite cuts from the film, it’s Kiddus I and “Graduation in Zion”, he’s in the studio recording it.


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  3. one other thing – when I click on the link to accept the invitation on google mail I just get the generic create a blog page, without the personalised message, is anyone else getting this?

    I created a wp blog last night to get myself a wordpress username hoping that that might take me to the proper page when I clicked the invite link again but it takes me to the original create a blog page.

    Can anyone explain this, (really slowly) – so I might understand ??

  4. Not thinking clearly at that early hour re. tunes URL’s, got to go via Podbean, but still confused re the other items.

  5. hi guys – i’m not ignoring these questions! but i’m at work just now and am out this evening!

    in a nutshell- the old yahoo media player, which was known and loved on the old spill – doesn’t work on wordpress. which is a shame cos I liked the way it would play its way through all the tracks on the spill.

    there will be other options, no doubt, and i’ll look into them when i get a moment!

  6. I can’t find a “new Post” button.

    Blimpy, have you heard of an XSPF playlist? Apparently it works on wordpress.

  7. Steen, I couldn’t see one at first, but then logged into WordPress from a different page before navigating to the ‘Spill, whereupon there was an extra line at the top of the page with ‘New Post’ and other buttons – and since then the system seems to be logging me in automatically whenever I come here.

  8. I don’t know. It won’t let me log in. I think I’ve made two accounts using 2 e-mails, and now it won’t recognize me… Dunno. I’ll try again later.

  9. Does anybody know if we can delete our own comments? Also I really miss the smaller comment window. I have to go back and forth between posts in a different window, like now, as I’m listening to Carole’s quizz and don’t want to “navigate” away form that page.

  10. I HAD a new post button at the top, but then I deleted the free blog that had come with the signup figuring it was like that chocolate in the fridge from Halloween that’s going to get eaten sooner or later no matter how many times you tell yourself not to.
    Now I’m logged in here, but the new post button is gone. So maybe that was New Post to my own blog?
    Its gone anyway.
    Not that I have anything to say at the moment.

    Not with a mouth full of 5 month old chocolate

  11. Once you sign up for an account, you can edit your profile – including uploading a pic

    welcome back btw!

    (You ever have one of those dreams that your parents moved while you were at summer camp?)

  12. Links: To contributor profiles? To other pages? The Marconium, etc? I don’t see any. Can we have them?

    God, this seems like Gripesville.

    Blimpy – thank you so much for giving us a safer place to play!

  13. hi guys i’ve been in the pub for the last 7 hours, i;ll now attemot to rectify all tecnical glithces, hold tight selecter!! wiss me luckQW!

  14. Well, I’m stuck. I haven’t got any ‘post’ buttons, and my dashboard isn’t anything like the one on the tutorial video – it has no useful stuff at all. Help please!

  15. @steen – you too; try again. for some reason you vanished off the list of blog authors; but are now back on.

    anyone else having posting probs?

  16. Left this comment on writers block post but thought would post here :

    Hello people, no expert on these matters but had a look and there is a way you can show the song title and artist, by adding a |titles= title of song & artists=artist name to the WordPress [audio ] line.

    [audio=http://url_of_song.mp3|titles=Title of song|artists=Singer Name]


    It is a bit awkward but it can be done I guess.

    I tried copying the a href tag into the audio line but it doesn’t work, so you can’t right click and download the track.

    But obviously if you use the a href tag you can download it but you can’t play it. I guess one option could be to post the tracks twice, so you can play and download, but an easier way might be to do two posts one here and one on the old spill, you wouldn’t have to change the html from a href to the wp audio line, you would be able to download it here and play it on the spill, not ideal obviously but might be a temporary solution.

    Apologies for the long comment, I guess the reason for leaving blogger was the random shutdown of a few single mp3 blogs recently, has anyone thought about giving Tumblr a go, I haven’t looked into it but I think you can add a player (essentially change the template) without paying for hosting.

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