‘Spillharmonic Records – Update!

There’s no turning back now ‘Spillharmonic Shareholders cos I’ve ordered the sleeves!!

“The Arigato Pak! is a Stumptown Printers original. This unique structure doesn’t require adhesives for assembly, has four spines (approximately 3/16″ thick), and finished dimensions 4 3/4″ square. Made of thick (18pt.) brown 100% PCW recycled chipboard. Ready for your custom silkscreen/stamp/label/stencil artwork. Shipped to you flat with folding instructions”

600 of these beauties are in the post, and I”ve got my eye on a local artist who has been producing some top notch hand-printed art cards of late!

Suggestions for a striking cover image in the comments please!

85 thoughts on “‘Spillharmonic Records – Update!

  1. Gah, it seems someone has already grabbed ‘bishbosh’ as a WordPress username. Damn them! Thanks for the invite, Blimpy – and the Spillharmonic sleeves are looking promising…

  2. I already have a wordpress blog, and it won’t let me change my user name to Steenbeck, and it won’t let me start a new account with my email. I’ll have to see what I can do…

  3. ‘Abahachi’ was already taken as a username, because I’m registered to comment on another blog and I can’t work out how to transfer that account anywhere else – but the ‘Edit Profile’ bit contained an option to set how I want to be known on here, so maybe that’s the solution to Steenbeck’s problem (and maybe even bishbosh’s). Of course, when this comment fails to post properly, it’ll be back to the drawing board…

  4. Can’t for the moment see how to create a new post, mind you. Also, given that the Categories list is presumably generated automatically from tags, I really want to edit some of my old posts, and will try to be more consistent in future.

  5. @aba – yeah it imported it all from blogger – it’s a hefty list and no mistake! it really needs to be reduced to about 25 tags – i’ll get round to it eventually!

  6. @fintan – it’s under the sink; this new place is a bit tardis like, isn;t it. you can timetravel all the way back to Jan 2008 if you like too.

  7. Hi, y’all.

    This is a bit like the beginning of Big Brother isn’t it, you know when all the ‘guests’ arrive, blinking, into the house one by one.

    When does the bitching, fighting and backstabbing start?

  8. Testing:

    My unoriginal nom de blog is taken. Forced to go with MrShoey. Which thanks to all lowercase means it can now be read as MrsHoey – I’m sure you will all find this amusing. Doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to delete & do over. Moving sucks.

  9. Hi there,
    can I be first with a nag, and wonder if we can call the comments in a new tiny window, like it did in my old room?

  10. It’s all nice and clean.. I was registered in the records one.. but now seam to have got here too (and they want me to have a blog too! – I could get lost ’round these parts)

  11. @tatyo – mebbe; but there’ll be a lot of different music on there – i’m talking to some really exciting bands just now.

  12. @ aba & shoey
    I can’t find anywhere to change my username – how do you do it?
    Also, it took me 2 1/2 glances to realise that ‘ed’ isn’t ejaydee…ooops!

    Is anybody out there currently NOT earworming WELCOME HOME by Peters & Lee? No? Just me & my wineglass then…

  13. it worked – all you have to do is change your nickname and the choose that as the display publicly option – yeah!!!

  14. Just been over to the old place to turn the gas off at the mains, and the link over to here doesn’t actually work. Also, I’m not seeing any ‘New Post’ button anywhere; are you sure you don’t have to register us as authors somehow or other, as well as being registered to make comments?

  15. hey guys – posting music is even easier on WP – all you do is type

    [audio then put the url of the track here]

    and it embeds a wee player thingy in the post.

  16. Okay, I’ve now worked out that I need to log into WordPress by navigating to a different page (any chance of a handy button on this one), whereupon I am indeed presented with the ‘new post’ option at the top and a button for ‘Posts’ specifically for the ‘Spill, which then produces another button to make a new post. No time actually to test any of this, but it’s looking positive. By the look of things, Mnemosene is well ahead of the rest of us – one post already in draft…

  17. Hey everyone – Cauliflower here!
    Like some others I couldn’t use my normal name here so trying out this new sweet-sour combo, my stock-in-trade.

    I’m still sorting out my life but didn’t want to get left behind, sitting forlorn, gazing at the back of the removal van (coming over all Toy Story) while you all moved on…

    When I’m back on track financially, I’ll be singing along with the rest of you, but until then I’m working all hours and missing the music terribly. Glad to know you’re all out there xx

  18. Except that when I’m logged in it then insists on using the username for comments rather than my proper nickname. Bugger. This is going to take some practice.

  19. @aba- are you fine now then? phew!

    @zoothoney /cauliflower – we’ll always be here for you! thanks for the update, hope things are going not too bad for you.

  20. Cheers Ed, nice to see you!
    Thanks for the inconceivably massive amount of work involved in setting up this new home, makes my eyes water, will stop thinking about it.
    If only I’d checked advice above I might not have started here in confusion – but I think I’m now back in my normal vegetative state. I’ll save the zoot suit for high days and holidays.
    Best wishes to all

  21. No time to put together a test post for the moment – but have discovered the bit that means we can all see the cool statistics that Blimpy used to post about how people end up visiting the ‘Spill…

  22. I’m going to need a tutorial.

    How do we upload images to our posts?
    How do we include music?

    Blimpy, I’ve just opened a bottle of Glenmorangie – should I pour you a dram?

  23. It doesn’t take me to anywhere where I can add this blog to my already existing wordpress account, neither does it do anything that looks like doing anything at all apart from creating a new blog.

  24. This is the email I just got sent;

    “Howdy carole,

    You have been invited to create a free WordPress.com account
    by Ed from http://thespillblog.co.uk. To accept this invitation,
    visit http://wordpress.com/invite/8f4489ad55580b1394b777bf42519aa4

    Ed personalized this invitation by writing:
    “try this carole – it should sort it”

    The WordPress.com Team

    PS. If you are new to blogging check out:

    (If clicking the links in this message do not work, copy and paste them
    into the address bar of your browser).

  25. @maki -thanksh forr the wee dram…

    1. pictures – next to the words upload/insert in the create post window is an icon of a black rectangle inside a larger white rectangle – this is for pictures

    2. music, if you want to put a song in, just type:


    then paste the url of the mp3

    then close the square bracket


  26. Yes aba, I seem to be allowed to ‘nickname’ myself bishbosh. Hurrah! It may be some time before I get used to this new Spill world order…

  27. This is going to take some getting used to.


    More tech-induced headaches: already dealing with new mobiles for both DsMam & me (I chose the Nokia X6 over the N900 and SonyEr’s Satio or Vivaz – anyone got an opinion?), and a new laptop (call me predictable, but it’s another Vaio).

    Now if you don’t mind, I have to get back to my individually accepting each of the 994 business cards Bluetoothed from the old phone to the new one. Already cramping up my touch finger!


  28. The link I was sent takes me to a page that will only let me create a new blog, not add an existing one to my account/dashboard.

    This page;

    Get another WordPress.com blog in seconds

    Welcome back, CaroleBristol. By filling out the form below, you can add another blog to your account. There is no limit to the number of blogs you can have, so create to your heart’s content, but blog responsibly.

    If you’re not going to use a great blog domain, leave it for a new user. Now have at it!
    Blog Domain .wordpress.com
    You may later choose to use your own domain name, such as myblog.com, through our domain mapping upgrade.
    Blog Title
    The blog title can be changed at any time.
    Language What language will you be primarily blogging in?

    Privacy I would like my blog to appear in search engines like Google and Technorati, and in public listings around WordPress.com.

  29. I think I have it sussed.. posting seems clear, I’ll try something in the weekend.
    *inhales some of Maki’s Glenmorangie, handcrafted by the sixteen men of Tain*

  30. Tsk, why am I still “awaiting moderation”? I don’t understand… (Not complaining, Blimps – I’m sure once we’ve settled in, we’ll never want to leave!)

  31. The ‘new post’ button let me scribble away to my heart’s content, nice preview function, but how do I post the darn thing? Could only find a ‘submit for review’ button and am still waiting for something – anything! – to happen. Have I not read the small print thoroughly enough? Is this the moderation of which bishbosh speaks?

  32. Soz about requiring moderation (everything in it, and all that), Blimpy. What a pain. Maybe I did something wrong when first setting up my account… Went back to the original invite from your good self, and I too get the message that Carole is getting about setting up a new blog of my own.

  33. Not got nearly as far as attempting a new post, debby. But now my comments seem at least not to need moderating. Huzzah!

  34. Hello!

    I hope TInny doesn’t mind me sharing this bit of advice, which he shared with me a few hours ago and has simplified things ENtirely.

    If you already have a wordpress blog…try making a gmail account under a different name. It’s free and easy, and you can tick a box to send everything to your real account. Then, follow Blimpy’s link to start a new account, use your gmail account and whatever username you like, and…there should be no confusion about your other wordpress blog. You keep things quite separate, but you can still easily switch back and forth. (I think)

    ANyway, I haven’t experiimented fully, but it worked for me changing my ‘Spill name back to Steenbeck.

    (Thanks, Tin!)

  35. Ha ha, that request has kind of fallen by the wayside, hasn’t it, debby?! I would think the striking imagery will somewhat depend on what the debut Spillharmonic release is, won’t it? Or has that already been decided on? (Mind you, not being a shareholder, none of this is really any of my business!)

  36. OK, I know what I had to do now.

    I had to create a new user account, register to the Spill and then transfer my existing blog to the new user account.

    Complicated but it seems to work.

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