Big fib from Gremlinfc

Times were hard, money was in short supply , hey what’s a Potatohead to do? The offer seemed good and me and me mate Coxy Pippin got the offer to record some quality choons which were guaranteed to top the charts. We were naive and got carried away by the hair extensions and shiny clothes but that’s showbizness for you…would you have done any different?
It’s not quite on the level of “Noone has the intention of building a wall”(in Berlin), but there was a porky involved…
1. Who are we?
2. Who produced / moulded us?
3. Sept 1989 saw our biggest hit – remember?
4. What was the big fib?
5. Choose an adjective to describe the fraudsters!
PS- Why can’t you download Youtube clips anymore?

8 thoughts on “Big fib from Gremlinfc

  1. DsD – hello to you and glad to see you're looking as young and suave as ever at the footy…extra points for Girl you know it's true from 1988 as opposed to girl I'm gonna miss you from '89…ever get the feeling you know too much about shit stuff…?Delusional is good – mos def , as they say.

  2. you can never have enough useless information, as Oscar Wilde said:"I love talking about nothing, it's the only thing I know anything about"!i'm sure there's a better one from him too, but that's the only phrase I can recall off the top of my head…

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