Earworms of the Week (Feb 23)

I nominated this for the river topic & it’s snuck it’s way back into my craving list. When the Aces get churning you can almost feel the paddlewheel slappin’ the water.
– fintan
I’ve played this for years but never really known it by name. Then I watched Pedro Almodóvar’s film All About My Mother. again and suddenly there was this familiar piece of music. Lovely gentle guitar intro and then the bluesy harmonica followed by Ismael’s nostalgic vocal.
(Tadieu Bone is a Musilim holiday celebrated in Senegal with a feast, during which the children go from house to house entertaining the adults with singing and dancing and are rewarded with money or snacks. The Wolof lyrics are roughly translated as:
Tadieu Bone
We’re going to Tadieu Bone
The angel Abdou Jabar is coming from the skies to your soul
He will ask you “Did you pray?”
He will ask you “Did you fast?”
He is coming to your soul
– goneforeign
Recently played this for the first time in about 20 years; it’s a very joyful noise. Island released this as a 12″ 45rpm in the early 80s – it may even have been the first African pop record released by a Western label in the post-rock era, predating King Sunny Ade? If so, the whole world music boom started here… Pablo Lubadika Porthos was/is a Zairean soukous guitarist; I’ve only ever found one other snigle and one album by him, but would love to hear more…
– Shiv
My 23 year old daughter mercilessly took the piss out of me for playing this when she came to tea last week and tried to take it literally but her old man’s too quick for her…it’s a brilliant choon which i love to sing along to – byegone age …
– gremlin
This song is a constant earworm for me, but this particular version is a favourite of someone I used to know when I was at school, who got in touch a couple of years ago through Friends Reunited. Lately we’ve been having musical conversations (“what do you mean, blues?”, “what do you mean,folk?”) and we’ve found we have an amazing amount of music in common, including this.
– treefrogdemon
Since we’ve been talking about Hank Williams over on RR, here’s a beaut of a cover. I sent it to Brian Ibbott at Coverville a few years back and he called it the best version of this song he had ever heard by a long shot. And after 600+ shows, he’s heard a few covers. Bim (Roy Forbes) was 17 when he did this! Amazing. (I’ll just sneak in Wedding Bells by Lissie too.)
– tincanman
We have enough world/foreign music for next week, so first-come first-served with other genres. By Tues please.

7 thoughts on “Earworms of the Week (Feb 23)

  1. Another great collection of choons, people! The Ismael Lo really stands out for me too – gorgeous. Almodovar knows a thing or two about putting together a soundtrack… Love the Lissie song too – what a beautiful voice.

  2. Shiv, thanks for the Soukous, one of my favorite forms. I thought I had something by Porthos on an old compilation but I can't put my hand on it but I've got a lot of other similar artists, if you don't know of him check Papa Noel Monswet, he's been recording a very gentle acoustic version of Soukous since the '60's and has played in most of the name bands.

  3. Enjoying the "world/foreign music" – Ismeal Lo particularly lovely. That's a stunning version of "I'm So Lonesome…" too – takes a lot to live up to the Cowboy Junkies version.

  4. Best list so far I think peeps. I'm keeping them all in rotation, which is a first.I Get A Kick Out Of You – what can I say…when Frank nails one, he'll top any playlist and he so nails this one.

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