One million miles is a long way to fall

Something sweet and mellow for Sunday morning.. and maybe I can squeeze this sublime slice of Philly disco/soul in as Music You Wouldn’t Necessarily Expect From The Pferd…?

Next week.. the Nilpferd glam meets hard rock mix…

(Only kidding)

Here’s something I came across on a great compilation Shane sent me, which is just too tangenital for RR…

And the associated sample, as far as I can tell, from Ras Ibuna.. Diverse Doctrine.

2 thoughts on “One million miles is a long way to fall

  1. Oh rats we didn't coordinate that one very well, did we??? I was there for the festival and saw Pearce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor looking actually like they were scowling at one another… Here's my list, Frenchy:- Hotel Adlon for Irish coffee in the lobby.- Restaurant Weinschenke Weinstein in the Lychenerstrasse 33 in the Prenzlauer Berg. Great wine restaurant.- Art nouveau museum Brohan Museum just opposite the Charlottenburg which in itself is very nice too. I saw posters for a Dali exhibition too.If you start off walking from the Brandeburg gate to the Siegesauele and then walk a bit further you'll land on a great flea market too. Amuse-toi bien!!Oh and Cafe Einstein is a must too. You might just bump into Herr Goettsching…

  2. Well a fetid swamp woul be warm wouldn't it?! Lovely weather here today, and yesterday, picking up nephew Cassiel from school, what do I see on the blackboard? The lyrics to 'spill favourite Ani-Kuni!Thanks for the bonus tips FP, my sister went to see L'autre Dumas but was unimpressed, that's the only film she managed to see.

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