‘Spillharmonic Records – 2010 update

Hey ‘Spillers – time for a wee update on the old ‘Spillharmonic doings.
I’ve had to have a slight rethink on the idea of releasing vinyl – this is mainly due to how much more it would cost for a format that most of us can’t even play.
So, I’m now thinking we do a CD first, and hopefully we’ll raise enough from that to make a record.
Benefits of a CD:
0. Can fit more bands on it!
1. Cheaper.
2. More people can play it.
3. Easier/cheaper to post out.
4. Can be packaged in a fab way with a wee bitty effort
5. We have the cash!
What do you think?
There’s excellent packagers, like this one , where if we buy the blank sleeves we can then customize them with stamps / painting / screen-printing etc to make something unique and lovely and desirable.
Also, with the amount of room on a CD, we can put out even more ace unheard bands (or not have to turn any away) and call it “unheard music” or “there’s something happening here”
Any more ideas gratefully received, let’s jam, and get this moving!!

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