an elephant with amnesia….

…walks into a bar

destroys it AGAIN.

“ouch, ouch, ouch” says the elephant.
“well, well, well” says the barman, a talking Loxodonta.
Splash, Splash, Splash went elle in all those wells…
“Pint of the usual…what ever that is…
and keep em coming ’til I’m completely TRUNK”

really quite tuff this subject – and even harder when your music collection (on computer) has gone for a game of hide’n’seek..
there’s loads of songs that give me that feeling of forgetting or memory songs that you want to use as blanking music –
play this LOUD enough and I wont remember this songs about you/
make this intimate enough and the tears will dry up/
sit and wallow so long the words you tattoo’d under ya eyelids will fade away…
you know the kind of thing…(umm just me then)

(i’D explain these more, but I took my dad out to the football this afternoon and the Ms. says I’m not to stay up too long..)
the songs are great:
A list sorted again..enjoy.
I Know, And I Said Forget It

I Guess I’ll Forget the Sound, I Guess, I Guess
The Slow Fade

Forget The Swan
The Shy Retirer
Superfreaky memories

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