Blimpy’s Top Ten Indie Totty

Due to my inbox being flooded with requests for this, I feel I must oblige. So, in no particular order, here’s my top ten indie hotties:

Annie Hardy, the one woman potty-mouth shoegazeathon that is Giant Drag.

Obscure indie folkstress Rozi Plain.

Sophie Ellis Bextor was in an indie band before conquering the pop charts. I obviously stopped liking her once she became successful. I put most of her appeal down to the fact that I fancied her mum on Blue Peter when I was about 6.
One half of the Raveonettes; Sharin Foo!

Polly Harvey, of course!

Meg White, primal drummer extraordinaire from The White Stripes

Muse of the Noughties, the exceptionally talented Laura Marling.

Um, Elastica generally speaking…

Debbie Harry from Blondie invented the whole indie chick thing in the first place.

And let us not forget Zia McCabe from the Dandy Warhols!
So, who have I missed?

(And a happy 2010 to all!!)

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