‘Spillharmonic Records – FUNDRAISER!

In an attempt to push ‘Spillharmonic Records over the finish line, I’m auctioning some old vinyl to help pay for the new vinyl (see what I did there?!)

The first auction is for Editor’s debut 7″ (the rarest Editors item that exists), you can follow the auction here – it ends in a week – the last one of these that was on ebay sold for about £50, so let’s hope it goes for a similar price.
For those unfamiliar with the ‘Spillharmonic Records concept – it currently stands at this: A release of a 4 track EP on vinyl/cd to helping get good music to a wider audience. Everyone who donates (no matter how much) becomes a shareholder and gets to be involved with the music choice/ sleeve / videos etc etc.
You can donate securely via the sidebar widget, which will take you to a paypal page.
If anyone knows any Editors fans or posts on Editors messageboards, please go and spread the good word!!

***Edit*** I have now added a mega-rare Maximo Park record as the 2nd auction, click here to see it.

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