You love me… You really love me…

Having seized this opportunity to introduce Mr November 2010 – yes, Jasper is now going to be an actual pin-up in a Pet Calendar produced by the local petfood manufacturers – I want to announce something more serious and important: the opening of nominations for this year’s Overs – the Annual ‘Spill Awards. Please email abahachi ‘at’ with nominations for each category (up to three allowed per award), and feel free to append a sentence or two of justification if you wish. I shall endeavour to pull together all the suggestions in a manner which won’t really satisfy anyone and certainly won’t be nearly as good as Snadfrod’s presentation last year, by some time in early January…

1. Album of the Year

2. Older albums that you’ve discovered or rediscovered this year.

3. Film of the Year

4. Book of the Year

5. Hero of the Year

6. Event of the Year

7. Villain of the Year

8. The Overcooked Award: artist must try harder, whatever the critics think…

Any suggestions for special awards, along the lines of Blimpy’s nepotism award or Gremlin’s nomination of Roy Keane as Hunk of the Year, gratefully received…

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