Gremlin in Bärlin

Travel is great – think we all agree on that and though Berlin is a place I have been before it is a constantly changing and developing place , buildings , culture , politics , events : the outdoor “Topography of Terror” around where the Chancellry buildings used to be between Prinz-Albrecht-Strasse (today Niederkirchnerstrasse), Wilhelmstrasse and Anhalter Strasse , is now awaiting finishing on a permanent indoor home. U2 are playing in front of the Brandenburger Tor FREE on Nov 5th to commemorate 20th anniversary of Mauerfall. Security was massive while we were there as Angela Merkel had just formed a new government and was being sworn in. Policemen with machine-guns on the streets – now that IS scary. And they don’t mess about either.
Here is a wonderful piece of urban art which is for all to see and you can see how big it is from the pic. Spill points for the following:
1. Who made it?
2. What is it called?
3. Where exactly is it?
4. Which are the nearest U-Bahn
5. Is it in former East or west Berlin?
Massive thanks to all the RR-ers who went to Leeds and gave me a CD – I shall be listening to them now I am back and will put fave tracks on here – X

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