Cheque, Mate?

Ok, you asked for it…….

Here by popular demand (well, steenbeck demanded it, and she must be popular – I mean have you seen how many A-listers she gets?) is the chess set I made for my Dad when I was about 15 years old.

Please don’t look too closely at the wooden plinths, it was the best I could do with the tools and skills available to me at the time. The soldiers were bought from a supplier I did alot of business with at the time, since I was creating five large wargaming armies. They were unpainted metal alloy but I painted them in the uniforms of the era. I even knew what colour to paint the collars and cuffs (that’s NOT a euphemism) for each regiment.

I know what you’re thinking. Some teenagers spend their years locked in their rooms writing witty/morose songs, some get pissed down the park but me I painted little soldiers in authentic uniform colours. Whatever!

P to Q4.

Your move……

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