Some Rushed EOTWQs

Who lives (occasionally) in a place like this? Ans: not me, but v.relevant to RR this week!

OK, just got in and seen that there appear to be no takers for End Of The Week Questions this week. As steenbeck said, I’d reserved a place in the queue, but the number on my pull-ticket was kinda smudged, so I’m not sure if I should be standing up or not . . . which leads me into my first question:

1. At some point, we’ve all been snapped back to attention in a boring meeting by realising we’ve been called upon to contribute. But, uh-oh, you weren’t listening, so you have to wing it. What happened next? And was your response embarrassingly off-topic, or, as with mine, serendipitously brilliant. (I’ll share later.)

2. A couple of weeks ago, we were asked what basic life-skill we lacked. This week, I want to know what ULTIMATELY MEANINGLESS life-skill you are actually ace at? Me? As a former house-husband responsible for all domestic duties including the laundry, I am ridiculously proud of my “flick” ability. Who knows what I mean?

3. Sticking with the idea of “ultimately meaningless”, what is the knick-knack that a burglar (God Forbid!) would pass by, but you would be heartbroken if it got lost or broken? Nothing over 20 quid/bucks in value allowed, and we’ll exclude the usual photos/lock-of-kids’-hair type stuff. I’m not really after sentimental attachments, more inexplicable possessive ones.

4. Big one now: when was the last time you were REALLY scared, and why? I don’t know what I can justifiably expect you to say, as I’m still debating with myself whether to even share mine with you.

5. I eventually realised that my Question 5 was music-related, and thus banned from the EOTWQs. So instead of asking about your choice of funeral music, I’ll ask what quirky request/demand would you like to put in your funeral instructions. I have a couple, one of which is that, subject to a veto by my girls (of anything meaningful or valuable to them), I’d like all of my friends to choose one album from my music collection to take away, keep, and play occasionally to remember me by. But of course that puts us back on the subject of music AGAIN, which means this question might get ejected from the EOTWQ lounge. So just in case, here’s an extra question to ensure I stay at the minimum of five required . . .

6. Having made myself a coffee in my clients’ works kitchen today and walked out, I turned around to pick up the folder I realised I’d left next to the kettle, and went *SPANG!!* right into the self-closing door! So – what’s your last stupid, self-inflicted injury? On scales from 1 to 10, which score was higher: the pain or the embarrassment?


New Genre Alert!! New Genre Alert!!!

Whilst we wait for EOTWQ, here’s some new Victoria Bergsman, performing some cutesy summer twee-ggae (I think i just named a new genre!!!) as Taken By Trees: 


I had previously declared Victoria as having  a sing me the phone book voice, which you can read about along with a brief history by clicking here. Also worth reading the comments for some interesting DsDness. 
Anyone ever invented or named any musical genres, or have a fave/hated genre name? 


I just spent a week in LA visiting old friends, the first ones we stayed with were John and Marti in Topanga Canyon, John’s a carpenter/artist and Marti’s a botanist and works for the National Parks, she needed a new car and they saw this sitting on a car lot, they bought it instantly. It’s a new Honda and the paint job was commissioned by the House of Blues in Hollywood as a fund raiser, it was then sold to the car dealer who was having a hard time selling it. Marti’s well past middle age and this is the car she drives to the office every day, it draws lots of attention. I’ve put a folder in the dropbox with some more pictures.