Look, Treefrogdemon!!

oops–I loaded the pictures backwards–obviously, the tadpole picture is on the bottom.

David found a tadpole in a puddle, and he brought it home so we could watch it for a while. (The puddle dried up the next day!!) It was thrilling watching him (or her) grow little arms and legs. Last night he was swimming around with a tail. This morning…he had disappeared!! We finally found him not far away on the table. Well, we said to ourselves…what kind of frog could climb up a sloping glass wall? What kind of frog has big clingy pads on his toes? A TREEFROG!! How wonderful is that? We’re reading up on the best place to let him go. But we think he might be a pine barren treefrog, which is an endangered species. Isn’t he beautiful?

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