Loft Classics No. 1 – "Curfew" by Drive

I’d like to introduce a new feature to The ‘Spill!
“Loft Classics”
It’s a really poor play-on-words, and it’s because I’m attempting to make sense of all the guff in my loft (so I can add to the guff with more guff). 
I’m sure ‘Spillers can relate; I find it impossible to throw away music. This has led to an amalgamation of second tier CDs accumulating in the eves. 
The second tier includes a lot of CD singles, CDs that came free with magazines, and stuff that I wasn’t really that into (but still liked) when I last moved house 3 years ago. 
So, whilst in the loft today, I put my hand into a dusty box and randomly pulled out the CD single “Curfew” by the group Drive. 
Released on Ninja Tune in 1993 (it didn’t bother the charts), and featuring a future All Saint (Mel Blatt) sharing vocals with a certain Julienne Davis (acted in Eyes Wide Shut, according to Wikipedia). 
The song itself, has a jaunty atypically early 90s drum loop (think MARRS) and some sweet non-warbly pop girl vocals mixed in with some bluesy/funky slide guitar. 
For the life of me the vocal melody and lyrics seem like they’re from an old 60s US pop tune, but I can’t place it. It seems too good and accurate to be a spoof/tribute. 
The film sample sounds to my ears like Nick Cage, perhaps from Wild At Heart? 
Anyways, this is a stone cold Loft Classic – a great tune, obscure as anything, dusted off and brought back to life!!  If anyone has anymore information about the song, please leave it in the comments! 

Curfew by Drive

(‘Spillers, I’d like this to be a regular series, so on your marks, get set, LOFT IT!!) 

One thought on “Loft Classics No. 1 – "Curfew" by Drive

  1. Your blog keeps getting betetr and betetr! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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