Celebration of Light Fireworks

Every year they have a fireworks competition at English Bay in Vancouver. Representatives of several countries put on a display of fireworks from a barge in English Bay. Thousands gather on the shore to watch. The fireworks are set to music.

Last night my wife and I were there for the second entrant, South Africa. It was sunny when we got there at 5 PM (people go early to get a good viewing spot) and through 7 PM by which time we had done the NY Times saturday crossword and had our picnic lunch. Then it started to rain and a lightning storm moved in. Below is a pic of Mrs. Marconius and I looking like drowned rats hiding under our blanket.

And here is a video of some of the lighning strikes before the fireworks, one during the fireworks and finale of the fireworks.

In spite of getting as wet as drowned rats, it was a lot of fun. Fireworks and music go well together.

Tin, if you’ve ever been to one of these, I hope it brings back memories!

One thought on “Celebration of Light Fireworks

  1. becky – as always, varilee, you are amazing! seeing you each july is our annual rite of summer — and i love that! thanks for your beautiful work, capturing our family memories. you rock, girlfriend.

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