I know, I know. That’s the opposite to this week’s theme. However…your indulgence, I pray, for my celebration of the launch of the In and Outlaws’ eponymously-titled CD. I shall explain.

My son Matt is not the most dynamic or dedicated of folk and in the past he’s had lots of disappointments. (We don’t use the word ‘failure’ in our family.) He’s not very good at sticking to things and tends to take the easy way out if he can. He was a founder member of the In and Outlaws, and they get paid for gigs, but not a great deal, so they decided that instead of just sharing the money out they’d put it in the bank and save it so that they’d be able to make a record.

And so they have. But this wouldn’t have happened without Matt’s efforts. The other three band members are very difficult to work with – sometimes they don’t turn up for gigs, let alone rehearsals and recording sessions. At least two of them have a serious alcohol problem. It’s been very frustrating for Matt but he’s seen it through and it’s quite true to say that the record wouldn’t be out now if it wasn’t for his work. He is proud of himself and I (have you guessed?) am very very proud of him too. He’s already been on the radio to promote it and next week they set off on a tour of Louisiana, the first time they’ve played outside Texas, so having the record to sell at gigs will be very helpful. The timing couldn’t be better.

UNFORTUNATELY I haven’t received my copy yet and so the first version of Weddings (below) hasn’t got Matt’s backing vocals on it – they recorded this particular one when he had a bad cold. So I’m including his demo version as well, with him doing all the singing and playing. Go Matty!

I Always Cry At Weddings – the In and Outlaws
I Always Cry At Weddings (demo) – Matt Rose
However Much I Booze – the Who
The Wife of Usher’s Well – Steeleye Span
One More Dollar – Gillian Welch
Can’t Win – Richard Thompson
Lord Franklin – Pentangle
My Husband’s Got No Courage In Him – the Silly Sisters

Look, Treefrogdemon!!

oops–I loaded the pictures backwards–obviously, the tadpole picture is on the bottom.

David found a tadpole in a puddle, and he brought it home so we could watch it for a while. (The puddle dried up the next day!!) It was thrilling watching him (or her) grow little arms and legs. Last night he was swimming around with a tail. This morning…he had disappeared!! We finally found him not far away on the table. Well, we said to ourselves…what kind of frog could climb up a sloping glass wall? What kind of frog has big clingy pads on his toes? A TREEFROG!! How wonderful is that? We’re reading up on the best place to let him go. But we think he might be a pine barren treefrog, which is an endangered species. Isn’t he beautiful?

it’s only a game.

It’s been pointed out to me that this game has the capabilities of setting up your own league.. as we did last year on the defunct Guardian game… Don’t know if I can play this year Mummy sez my tea is nearly ready… (got a big project starting at the end of August)
..but if snadfrod hasn’t gone out to by todays Times to get a head start on the rest of you.. then it could be a good good one to set up and get going with the RR lot… the good thing about it – no-one can have the same player in their team as one of their opponents… double plus tough.