I had a (n enforced!) afternoon off work today. Ah…I’ll do some tidying up, maybe read a little, then pop to the shops and get dinner ready for when Mrs Japanther comes back from work, I thought.

Halfway through the afternoon I thought, I know, I’ll just re-organise my entire record collection quickly, i’ve been meaning to do that for ages…..cue, two hours later with me splayed out on the floor with stacks of unsorted vinyl around me. It’s now more of a mess than when I started as I’ve just shoved it all back hastily in order to get dinner ready in time (still not done it yet!).

As we can’t ask these kind of things in the EOTWQ, I’ll ask here. How does it go in your place? Alphabetical? Genre? Chronological?Most played?Shove the embarrassing ones in the corner?

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