Steenbeck’s "cousin francais"

May I introduce you to Steenbeck’s French cousin. This is an Atlas. As you all know by now, a “Steenbeck” is not only our faithful, just-turned-40 (JUST) US of A correspondent or indeed a beautiful dog, but also a flatbed film editing machine. It serves to view your rushes and synch up the sound – or it did on the good old days when people still shot on film. Sniff. Anyway. I was at a “do” at our local TV station the other night and spotted this beauty in the corner. It is, in fact, the machine I edited my final year short film on as I came out to France with my rushes in my suitcase – got the job before I’d finished my studies y’see. And the director of the local TV station very kindly let me go down into the cellar every night after work and finish my film on this beauty. And now they have it exposed in the corner….
(Deep breath)
(Mental note to self: Must practice more on Final Cut…)


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