A bit about me / A lot about you / Holy Cripes chaps / It’s EOTWQ!

I’ve been having a bit of a think about this and reckoned I might try and nip in now and get some questions out for y’all. So deep breath, no looking at other people’s papers, spit out that gum at the back and let us play…

1. I am an inveterate procrastinator. Give me an assignment, tell me I have exactly two hours to complete it, leave the room and then marvel at how I spend at least the next hour playing some blinking stupid game on the computer. Or realise that the ironing really needs doing RIGHT NOW. I started in the usual way, with Solitaire, Free Cell and Hearts. That particular habit got so bad that when I was writing my masters thesis I actually had to remove all card games from the computer. With the habit broken I was ok for a while. Then, however, came Mah Jong, then online Tetris, then Electrotank crazy golf, then Little Master cricket (seriously addictive, check it out). Right now, though, it is Yahtzee. I can’t go more than five minutes, it seems, without ‘just one quick go’. Its definitely not a hobby, I always feel guilty, but can’t stop myself. So how do you, rightly or wrongly, always end up wasting time?

2. The next question is a simple one, but one that I’ve been thinking about for a while, for various reasons. Politically, how would you describe yourself? I’m not looking to judge or expose anyone, but recently I think that political choice has returned to the fore as a matter of great import. Personally I think I am a bit of a mix. Raised in a very casually right-ish area, by very loosely right-ish parents (Daily Mail, odd moments of general disapproval, vote blue by habit), I then studied Drama at university wherein not to read the Guardian was something akin to heresy. My liberal impulses often battle with a mild, repressed form of conservatism that I find eerily comfortable at times… But I also come from a generation (the first, I reckon) who grew up seeing politics shifted ever more toward the centre whilst being mercilessly denuded and goosed by the rise of 24 hour news. As such, amongst my peers, political apathy is something that is not uncommon and it is only now that people are starting to address important questions regarding what they stand for and if – more importantly – there is anyone else who stands for it, too. Obviously we are all here as an indirect result of some kind of liberality, but I’m sure there’s some interesting hybrids out there…
3. A quick one, and simple: What is the most significant/important event that you have been present at and witnessed live? I ask this, mainly, because I can’t think of anything massively interesting for myself (although will try) but I reckon some of you might have something good.
4. I’m not much of a drinker, but am the kind of person that is always happy to have a drink. I probably drink more than I should, but never in one go, binge-style. I’m actually quite bad at drinking more than three or four and tend to go along quite happily before suddenly and catastrophically having to go home and lie down. Its probably something to do with not wishing to relinquish control (a great deal of my friends claim to have never seen me drunk, such is my instinct to hold it together at all times), but I do remember one New Year’s Eve that involved a bottle of whiskey, a stanger’s house and me being sick out of a very high window. So the question has three parts:
Do you drink?
– If so, what sort of drinker are you?
– And what’s the drunkest you’ve ever been?

5. Over the last few weeks I have been cooking more and more, not least due to Mrs Frod’s really quite bad morning sickness. Consequently I have had the chance to perfect both my steak braised in red wine (for about four hours) and my seriously mean bread and butter pudding. I make no claims to culinary expertise, but I do quite like being good at a few really nice, impressive things. So, finally, what’s your signature, fallback, guaranteed-to-please dish? Let’s get hungry….

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