I’m so sleepy.. but some quick adaptions for BBeat..
if you can work on the HARMONIC.. I think the O should be a disc.. I like the way the doulble LL can be used as an H.
It wasn’t my first thought.. the H was going to be below.

And I do have your e-mail- but I like the way glasshalfempty has started it off in the open…
so we all should keep going like that.
(I’m shit at working with other people ..so this is all done through gritted teeth!!!)

so this is what i mean by squaring it up and using the wine glass foot print as the dot.
i then went doodlin’ it’s not how it should be.. but it’s not echoing other things: but the O in harmonic should be a record, I’ve come to that conclution.

all that would be too much for a label.. because it’s the band that matters (yeah right…says the designers)

so using the wine glass print the more subtle S.H. gets printed.
(this isn’t a good wine glass stain.. again doodling….. if you can put your one into the image.. that’d be great)
oh and a few songs..
back tomorrow with a proper playlist.

Earl Zinger it means a lot

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