…Long legged beasties by FP

I actually was’t planning on doing one this week but your posts threw up some excellent songs so I decided to sit down and take the time before tearing off into town. And I really do need some insect related advice this week (Toffee look away now). I’m going down to Cannes for the Festival (and lots of hard work too) and have, in the past, had a wee bit of trouble with…. how shall I say this… night visits by unwanted guests? Frogprince tells me that it is no way a reflection on the quality of a hotel but in the South of France it is not at all uncommon to see cockroaches in your room. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh! Us Northern Europeans naturally freak out at this so what I am after is a non-chemical, non poisonous way of repelling them. I just want to keep any potential visitors at bay, basically. What do cockroaches dislike? Any plants? Substances commonly found in a kitchen? I’d be gratful for any words of wisdom from the collective wealth of knowledge that is the ‘Spill. I’ve never forgotten the invaluable help that Nilpferd gave me with architectural translation (and I’d been trying to crack that one for months…) so go ahead.

And let me know if you’re enjoying the Chunes!!!

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