Who stole my words?

Hey ‘Spillers, remember the post from earlier in the week, where I gushed about how excited I was about the new Silversun Pickups LP?
The post where I put up an mp3 to try and convince you that Silversun Pickups were bloody ace?
The post where I linked to their website, with the phrase “support the band by clicking here” ?
The post that was basically free and supportive publicity for a not-very-well known band that’ll be read by about 10,000 readers, on an ad-free blog? 
Remember that post? 
It’s gone.

Deleted by Google, due to infringing the copyright of others on a page hosted by them. Try and find it, it doesn’t exist anymore, it’s wiped out. 
Now what bothers me about this, isn’t being pulled up for posting copyrighted material, but the way it has been handled. 
There is a disclaimer on the sidebar, that says “we don’t own the music posted on this site, if you want anything removed, just ask”
Ask, and I will remove mp3s…not a problem. 
Just don’t delete my writing, my words, my intellectual propertythat belongs to me and now it doesn’t exist anymore. 

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