End Of The Week Quintet 3

I know we’re now all busy with RR Friday, but no-one remembered to post up the EOTWQs for this week, so here’s some:

1. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

2. What’s the most reckless thing you did in your youth, that you now would never EVER consider doing again? 

3. What’s your favourite smell? 

4. What’s the most funnest toy you like to play with kids with? 

5. (from “Heathers”) Aliens invade and have decided to blow up the earth, on the same day you get £17 million quid from the lottery – what do you do in the remaining 24 hours? 

‘Spill Pets 2 : Mewsli

This is Mewsli, a rescue cat who turns two tomorrow. We’ve had him since he was a kitten (his mum was abandoned when she had him and his siblings). 
Mewsli’s all time top ten favourite things:
1. Killing things
2. Sitting on the exact section of the Guardian Weekend that you’re just about to read
3. Cuddles (he gets upset if he doesn’t know where we are)
4. Killing more things (mice, crows, guinea pigs, whatever comes his way)
5. Rolling around and having his tummy tickled
6. Eating what he kills (beaks and all, but he’ll always leave the tail of a mouse)
7. Knocking stuff over when you’re trying to sleep
8. His various blankets (he’ll cling on for dear life should you try and shift them at all)
9. Drinking your tumbler of water, or hunting food off your plate when you’re trying to eat. 
10. Purring. It’s like an aeroplane taking off, he’s so loud.