Let my tablet go …

moses… or … Get Your Own Tablet You Thieving Git!

Many, many thanks to jforbes for posting the link to the recipe for tablet and to The Littlest MissToffee for providing the necessary culinary skills to produce a delicious end-product (with a bit of help from ToffeeGirl and my good self). The entire Toffee family now feels as sick as four (relatively) healthy people can be expected to feel after consuming far too much of this food o’ the de’il.

Anyhoo, this is what the final product looked like …


If I were to be critical I would say that we probably didn’t let it boil for long enough so it wasn’t quite as substantial as it should be and the tin we used was probably too large so the mixture spread too thin. But the end result was certainly tasty if almost unpalatably sweet for anyone aged over 7.

I’m struggling to find a musical link to this but as blimpy keeps reminding us all, THIS IS NOT A MUSIC BLOG, so let’s not worry too much about it. The best I can do is to post the only song I have on my iTunes which was included in the A-List for the Songs About Sweet Foods theme.* It’s Sugar Hiccup by the Cocteau Twins and it’s appropriate for two reasons:

1) because I like to look at this evening as a sugar hiccup in my own life – never again is the way I feel right now – and
2) because Liz Fraser wuz unco’ fond o’ a bit o’ her Granny’s tablet when she wuz a wee lassie back in bonnie Grangemouth (allegedly).

* I only know this because of Marconius7’s phenomenal work on his RR website. It is simply a stunning piece of work and I feel more guilty every time I use it because I offered to help him with it and I’ve done sod all about it and … what can I say, Marco? I’m not worthy …

One thought on “Let my tablet go …

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