What you like is in the Limo… FP’s almost famous playlist

Thanks to Gordon for being on the ball enough to realise that this marvellous cautionary tale about reaching for the stars had already been zedded. I’m still posting it just to remind us all how great it is. Otherwise my incursions into blackcurrent land have resulted in a fairly eclectic playlist with, I hope, something for everyone. I’ve been struck by various different threads of narrative in the songs you’ve all suggested this week: fame as a living hell pursued by paparazzi, fame as the ultimate goal, fame as the impossible dream which eventually devours you (as with Hot Chocolate’s Emma) and finally, and thankfully, some songs which dare to reflect that “life’s been good” to those who make it to the top. As the equally divine Oscar, Chrissie and Stephen pointed out “We are all of us in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars…”

But what we really want to know is: Have YOU had your 15 minutes? Did you try for them or did they just happen? Was your life touched by fame as a result? Do tell….

And extra ‘Spill points for telling which Oscar/Chrissie/Stephen I mean…..


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