Quiz Time – the DsD way


So here it is, my first attempt at a quiz. This is an old-fashioned ‘Connection’ question, so it’s a point for each artist, each songtitle, and if the magic word(s) ain’t in those two things, two Spill points for identifying the connecting piece of data. The three Spill points for the actual connection should be easy money, as you don’t need all of the songs to spot it. An unprecedented five Spill points for identifying the double connection one! And a warning, I do get a little contrived (Jimmy Saville-style) with making a couple of the tunes fit the idea, but hey, it’s my quiz … if you don’t like it, I’ll be left sitting alone with me pint of Guinness!!!!!
I’ve tried not to include too many heavy rockers, but No.5 – a direct (songtitle) response to today’s inept performance by my beloved Reds – got a late vote-in!

Soulsavers – Blackout : 2pts to saneshane
The Black (Sweden) – Enter Sandman / Take A Chance On Me : see below.
Jon Auer – Song Noir : 2pts to TonNL
Go Home Productions – Rock In Black : 2pts to saneshane
Turbonegro – Self-Destructo Bust : 2pts to saneshane
Japan – Wish You Were Black : 2pts to frogprincess
The Crystalites – Blacula : 1pt to saneshane, 1pt retained by me!
Scout Niblett – Elizabeth (Black-hearted Queen) : 4pts to saneshane’s Dad
Paul Anka – Black Hole Sun : 2pts to TonNL
Ella Guru – Base Is The Spine : 4pts to AliMunday (Jimmy Carl Black vocal)

For The Black, I figure it’s 2½ pts to saneshane’s mate; ½pt to AliM; 2pts EJD. Shane got the 3pts for ‘Black’ as the connection.

I hope you enjoyed it, but if I’ve not pitched this right, please feel free to tell me: you can’t make my mood any, um, BLACKER than Mr.Southgate’s boys & Mr.Redknapp’s cross-eyed twerps already have.

Fun, fun , fun in the fluffy chair…

Well, it seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating the DKs as the vanguard of “punk” and looking to them to rip to shreds all establishment icons , scathing cynicism embraced as Raygun and Thatch tried to push us all closer to MAD and put us all under surveillance…They’ve not managed that have they? I’ve been watching and waiting over the last 25 years for a band / singer / lyricist to step into Biafra’s sneakers, but don’t see anyone….Biafra’s lyrics are intelligent, cutting and often funny. But most of all they attack the targets that needs attacking…I’ve always hated MTV and although my little gremlin-ites watch it, i’ve only ever seen one or 2 decent clips on and it hardly pushes the boundaries…The DKs have done well A List-wise so can’t complain but this should be a dead cert. There doesn’t seem to be any decent footage of “TV Stars” by the Skids but that’s another dead cert. “Albert Tatlock…!”

spill TV is the channel for me

I’m guessing I’m one of the few who loves this theme.. can’t stand most of the programs on the box but it’s a compilation challenge.

I also like the fact that people think its a song about tele but only has a fleeting mention Becks ‘Loser’ and ‘Beercan’ are both like that for me. Maybe because I was unemployed lay-about with kids cartoons on and his album blasting out for the truck driving neighbors downstairs.
Most of these hit a televisual spot.. I had to resist putting Shacks ‘Wanda’ in
“she stuck her arse on top of the TV” not being enough I thought.
By the way HBOs ‘Carnivale’ was my recent favorite program (and it got cancelled)
Patrick McGoohans ‘The Prisoner’ my all time small screen joy…. What’s yours?
(first time dropbox play list, hope it works…)