So boxstr isn’t working for me since I have upgraded .. these may be playable.. it has saved you all from an 18 track CD-R full of tunes….. I’m especially pleased about being on theme for tracks 1/2/3/6/ and 8 my Hot Chip for this week.

(Broken Social Scene) Kevin Drew- Lucky ones
DJ Medhi-Lucky Boy
Skuobhie Dubh Orchestra-Lady Luck
The Teenages- Wheel of Fortune
Cass McCombs-Windfall
Veda Hille-LuckLucky
Ed Harcourt-All Of Your Days Will Be Blessed
Hot Chip- Bad Luck

Lucky ?

Every time (ie both times) I have used this feature the heat rises in my chest, the palms get sticky, the throat swells. But I think I have once again managed to actually upload two of my favourite lucky things which appear to be either a) unknown to the cognoscenti (for that is what you are RR team) or b) so rabidly unpopular as to be not worthy of comment (with hon exceptions). So for the (hopefully) uninitiated here are the very lucky Todd Rundgren whose talent has backfired upon him so many times, lucky because he can play every instrument (and frequently does) – backfired – because he gets bored easily I guess. “Lucky Guy” is from his last true pop album (he’s on heavy Rock right now) Hermit Of Mink Hollow (which is in Woodstock NY btw) in 1978. It’s a beautifully simple song. Merle Haggard is a country n western singer from Bakersfield, California who actually spent some time in prison (unlike my favourite twerp Johnny Cash) and who has the most sublime voice, warm, deep and thrilling. He saw LEfty Frizzell live early in life and was inspired to sing for a living – and this song may have been written by LEfty – haven’t been able to check. It’s fantastic. Enjoy !!

Chips With Everything

Nice picture of Clive Owen with a white shirt and dicky bow in ‘Croupier’ rather than of Christopher Walken with a white shirt accessorised with his brains in ‘The Deer Hunter’ because in this lucky seven selection, there’s a general acceptance that your luck may be bad or good, but there’s always another spin of the wheel to come.
First of all, we have Willie Dixon, fortunate with his songwriting gifts but as one of the most ripped-off musicians in history, not so lucky in business. Comp him a cocktail but don’t ask him to choose where to place your chips. The Sylvers aren’t old enough to go to a casino and, some would say, not old enough to know so much about love but Bebo’s helping them with the latter and fake online IDs are getting them a fix of the former. Swamp Dogg’s perpetually on his way out the door to find out where someone put the sunshine, but that loose slot machine near the exit just keeps convincing him that it’s worth another shot. Frank Sinatra would tell him it isn’t, but he part-owns the casino so he just pats him on the back and goes off to see a show…
In the showtune section, we have Liza Minelli, charmingly oblivious to the advance of Nazism, pinning all her hopes on a noncommittal English bisexual; Marlon Brando is hoping to roll a seven but in this list he only makes six; the coveted No.7 goes to Stanley Holloway and his mates.

I Ain’t Superstitious
Roulette Wheel Of Love
Buzzard Luck
Sally Bowles
Skye Masterson
Alfred Doolittle Esq.

Gremlinfc’s adventures in Celluloid

After the controversy of the slasher fillums and the lack of thespian quality in most of them , I decided it was time to seek out a meatier role(oops bad choice of words)which would best suit me talents : LUCKILY I knew abloke who knew a bloke who knew a bloke and quite by CHANCE , I landed a role in what was to be another groundbreaking fillum , which brought some great lines but still its fair share of blood ‘n k’llings. Question is , what’s the fillum and what’s the line it spawned uttered daily by wannabe gremlinfcs?

Make your own luck

A very eclectic mix this week.. so I’ll give some pointers.

Feeling lucky, post-punk? Try The Clean, above, with Anything could happen..

Those indie freaks among you whose rabbit’s feet tap more for pessimistic vocals and jangly guitars need listen no further than the Verlaines’ Lucky in my dreams, track one below..

If, on the other hand, you find your pot of gold at the end of a chillout drum & bass rainbow, you might want to x-step forward to track two, taken from a very reasonably priced compilation, back in the days when I used to consider that sort of thing a lucky charm.

Have no fear, jazz fan(s), I have not deserted you.. you are fortunate enough to be able to choose between two (2!!) versions of Lucky to be me, as sung by Irene Kral (medleyed with another Bernstein track, Some other time), or performed solo by Bill Evans.

Fans of R&B, hip-hop, or soul should skip directly to 24 carat black’s ’73 Stax recording, Ghetto: Misfortune’s wealth.

..and then, thank your lucky stars.

(Player removed)

Lucky me

It’s funny stuff, luck: we speak of something as ‘lucky’ when it’s really no such thing. For instance, I feel really lucky at the moment because I’ve got the afternoon off: but that’s got nothing to do with luck – it’s because I worked a 12-hour day on Tuesday, and I chose to take this afternoon as lieu time. Similarly, I think I’m lucky because I’ve got a new iPod which is four times the capacity of my old (full) one – but again, I go to work, they give me money and I choose how to spend it.

I think I’m moving closer to real luck when I contemplate my two grandsons. That’s Ellis up above, aged 5 weeks or so. But then it gets all mixed up again. For instance, it was a matter of luck that they’re boys not girls, but is that good luck or bad luck? Neither, in our case; though that might not be so for some families. My daughter and her partner are knocking on a bit to be first parents, so they might be said to have been lucky that Naomi could conceive at all…and so on. See what I’m getting at? It’s not as simple as you think at first…

The Lucky One – Alison Krauss (ElDerino’s recommendation)
Hard Luck Stories – Richard and Linda Thompson
Lucky Town – Bruce Springsteen
Taoist Tale – Maggie Holland
One More Dollar – Gillian Welch
Lucky Stars – Mary Gauthier