Christmas Is Coming …

… and DsD is getting fat,
despite a lack of pennies in my old hard hat.
As I can’t afford the CDs, CD-Rs will do,
If you haven’t had the CD-Rs, please shout “Oi, you!”

Only citrus vodka could give me the chutzpah to post that poetic abuse!!!

Anyway, Shane has – unwittingly, I’m sure – shamed me into putting this one out here. A whole year ago I started to promise people some discs through the post. I have failed to honour that promise on a pretty-much wholesale basis, and in the next fortnight I intend to put it right. So …

Who wants summary discs of all the attendees’ CDs from RR Socials 1&2? I know I *have* actually hand-delivered some to fourfoot, Snadfrod and Abahachi. But not for love-nor-money can I remember what, if anything, I’ve posted to steenbeck, saneshane, IglooBoogaloo, goneforeign, Blimpy, junks, tracyk, Cauliflower, glasshalfempty, etc., etc., etc. And they’re just the ones I know I have addresses for!!

Any ‘Spiller/RRer who wants to email me via my profile WILL get a nice little package via Postie of whatever I’ve promised-but-not-sent, and whatever other compilations I can burn – e.g. I have a double-disc called It’s Dark At Christmastime that I’m quite proud of!?!

Cheers and goodnight all. This going to bed twenty minutes before RR launches STILL feels weird, y’know!



The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

having caught a tiny snatch of the music of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour on Buzzcocks this evening, i felt compelled to use the power of the internet to see how much I could find out about them in half an hour. I also used this half hour to play one side of a Chapterhouse 12″ that i got for £1.49 in the charity shop today, have a conversation with mrs mcflah, refill my e-cig, go to the bathroom, and much more besides. consequently i haven’t found out much asides from these two songs i’m gonna post. the first one sounds like Duffy covering “Walking On the Sun” by Smashmouth (yes, smashmouth! mentioned on the spill!). the second sounds like a funky horny (trumpets and that, ken) shuffle through a moloko jam, crossed with something I can’t quite put my finger on just now (someone please put me out my misery).
um, they’re swedish, have released one 3 track EP,  have 4144 myspace friends, were on an ipod ad, and now they’re on the spill.
boom! well done internet! 
(i’m finding it very hard to not put an apostrophe in their name by the way. although i did find it very easy to write this post without putting capitals Where they should be.)

The Sun Ain’t Shining No More by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Around The Bend by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Stop the Violence!

Thanks to the Spillers who contributed to the 2 quiz-pics ; South Africa House in flames from the humungous Poll Tax riot and the furious Battle of Orgreave were the venues- this is the last before peace breaks out and is another from the period where Thatcher & her gang did their best to smash all forms of opposition & protest. For me it poses the question – where & when is violence justified? I love the end of Spike Lee’s film “Do the right thing” where he posts 2 quotes – one from MLK and one from Malcolm X and just leaves you to ponder….i go with mr.X
I don’t even call it violence when it’s in self defense; I call it intelligence.
Oooh – now that’s hard to argue with…

Thank you for the Music

Maybe the rest of the ungrateful world doesn’t celebrate thanksgiving, but here in America we commemorate our first harvest dinner with the native americans by ignoring the shameful rest of the history and delighting in excess and self-indulgence.

When I was little we had to say what we were thankful for, and I would like to say I’m very thankful for RR and the ‘spill. So thanks everyone, and Blimpy in particular.

I’m going away for a few days. I’m hoping someone will have a laptop and internet access for Thursday night, but in case they don’t, here’s the key to my iTunes library and that part of my brain that chooses songs.