Give us a light mester gremlinfc

On the theme of “lights” the gremlinfc has this week been down to one of the country’s most beautiful parts to sample a very old festival well worth a visit. Ze question is…where is it? What is it called and in which town is it held? It’s an annual ting…
PS – i’ll stick to what i can do in future , that Podbean ting is black magic. The 3rd of the battle-gremlins was the “Battle of the Beanfield”.


Betty Davis wants that light shut off.
NOT turned off.

Matt Johnson, accompanied by Johnny Marr, sets out in a taxi following the maxim that, if you seek something, you should seek it where the light is strongest… in his case, what he’s seeking can be found standing under the streetlights of his city.. one of his ambiguous, flawed and fractured portraits of a man in search of his sodium light baby..

The Gordons need a new bulb for their hat, so that they can shine it in your eyes, and the beam of their 15 000 watts will wipe away the lies.. you get like that if you spend too long down a coalmine, I guess..

And just because it fits, Betchadupa – Spill the light..

(Player removed)


Afternoon all. Anything happen whilst I was away?

The Frods are having a quick pitstop, washing the bedding, pumping up the tyres, fixing the leaking bits, that sort of thing. It means we have a day and a bit of internet, so I thought I’d just say hello.

Thus far we have managed to make a big, satisfying loop of Belgium and Holland in which the highlights were many – Brugges, Ghent and Maastricht being particularly bejewelled. We have spent some more (slightly enforced) time in Kent whilst wrinkles have been ironed out and now we are aiming squarely toward Ireland, to dot various ‘I’s and cross various ‘T’s (once the Manchester Derby has been taken in on Sunday, that is).

After that we are going to come back via Scotland and will be around both ends of the M8 for a week or so. Blimpy, I’m looking at you….

And then it’s Christmas, so hometime. Hurrah.

I am kind of keeping a diary, and am kind of considering making a blog out of it, but internet access is very sporadic so it may take a bit of thinking about. Other than that, I need to get on to shoey’s festive tracks and probably should avoid a massive-looking RR as time is a bit short.

There now follows a picture of a bus with an unexpected destination and a picture of Brugges. Olé.

Happy Thanksgiving and all that, y’hear?