Where the jemaa el fna is this?

This was a very pleasurable afternoon spent by the gremlin and his little gremlin-ite while mrs. gremlin did “more cultural” things (can’t reveal what or it’ll give away the location). This footie venue is so vast you can easily wile away a complete afternoon just looking at the trophy Rooms and Museum. Don’t forget you Snadfrods – take a good camera with you for piccies!
We’re off on us jaunts again tomorrow so won’t be back for at least 4 days , sniff, sniff. This teaser is especially for Toffeeboy and Sonicwebcrumb.

8 thoughts on “Where the jemaa el fna is this?

  1. Looks like Camp Nou to me, gremlin. How did you get permission to be pitchside? I wasn’t allowed lower than middle tier. Do I also take it that Mrs.Gremlin was either Picasso-ing or (preferably from my POV) Gaudi-ing?

  2. Well done dudes – you know yer footie grounds, Camp Nou it is. As my old dad used to say “It’s not what you know, but who you know” as far as pitch side goes- long story i won’t bore you with now. You’re right about mrs. gremlin too – she took the “bus turistic” and hopped on and off all over the shop , spending most of the time i think in the Parque Gaudi. Both parties had a wicked afternoon!!!

  3. gremlin – did exactly the same last summer (2007). The littlest MissToffee and I went on the stadium tour, while her sister and the current ToffeeGirl went shopping/culturing in Barcelona.We felt it wasn’t a patch on Goodison Park. Younger daughter was at the Bernabau last night!

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