3 thoughts on “Happy Hour

  1. Ted Hawkins also sang an unhappy song called ‘Happy Hour’ -“Welcome to Happy Hour, blinking on the neon signShe won’t mind, if I stop for just oneI can still make it home in timeAs my eyes grow accustom to the smokey dim lightsI see the juke box near the doorThere she is, in another man’s armsslow dancing across the floor…” Worth a listen but I can’t find a link.I’ve also written my own Walkin’ Woman’s Afternoon BluesWent ridin’ this afternoon maI wasn’t but half awakeThe exhaust fell off my car, maAnd it began to shakeThe rain lashed down in torrentsAs I limped into the garageThe man said “Come back Monday,There’ll be a substantial charge…”Wo-o-o- I got the afternoon walkin’ blues …Anyone want to buy a Fiat?

  2. New to me and liked it. Interesting vocal style, might become a bit wearing on a full album, if he doesn’t change it up a bit.

  3. @ Ali – no thanks. I've just parted with a five-figure cheque this week to replace my Rover! @ Shoey – you're on the right lines about the 'problem' about Matthew Ryan's albums. Try his Strays Don't Sleep collaboration as a first album: http://www.myspace.com/straysdontsleep Then head for his solo stuff: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=6797300 It's difficult to recommend a first album as his US & UK releases are completely different.

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