To hypenate or not to hyphenate? Hmm…what shall we do dear?

Of course, I know I should have posted this earlier to coincide with the marriage theme, but you know…whatevah.

Anyway, in order to celebrate 1000 posts and share a jolly moment with the RR regulars, here’s a timely reminder to look before you leap. Oh yes.

12 thoughts on “To hypenate or not to hyphenate? Hmm…what shall we do dear?

  1. Nice one. Vaguely seem to remember a Two Ronnies sketch along the same lines, & there was also Inspector Corner of the Yard.

  2. Natch, these were the clean ones – I have a bunch more (with pics) including:Busch-GrabberDrinkwine-LayerBest-Lay andTraylor-HookerBut, you know…:)

  3. blimpy@ did you really know an Iona Gunn? 😉 I love bonkers names – I collect them. I was at school with a Hazel Nutt and I once worked with a Bob Staines.Parents can be so inconsiderate, cant they? 🙂

  4. Mrs. Shoe went to school with an Ivor Carr. When the teacher read his name out for registration, everyone shouted "so have I". She also worked with a Mary Christmas.Would like to say I know Theresa Green & Hugh Janus, but I don't.

  5. Living in other countries never stops feeding my childish sense of humour. For example, I recently heard about two Hungarian brothers called Bendegúz and Botond. When you diminuate these two names (as is the done thing among family members and friends here in Budapest) they become Bendi and Boti – imagine calling them in for supper if you will…Perhaps its just me.One of the most popular male names in Finland is actually Pekka. Titter ye not my stateside friends.

  6. And off-topic, there's a cheap sofas&tables store in Disley called Independent Furniture (UK) Ltd who obviously have high hopes for their future customer base … … according to the sign on their door their website address is I'm NOT kidding.

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