7 thoughts on “A Thrist For The Truth

  1. Frist of all–thank god for the warning. She’s right, rainbows are unnatural!! secondly, oh how I miss those good old moon rainbows.You can just hear the intelligence oozing out of the ground in this one.

  2. Paranoia strikes deep, not surprised she’s from N.Cal. Perhaps she should Wiki ‘rainbows’ and speaking of ‘moonbows’, what would she make of those at the bottom of the Victoria falls every full moon, more work of the devil.

  3. I can just about take the crazy conspiracy theory – I can put up with the utter ignorance on display here – and I can accept that people like this are just a product of society – but I cannot and WILL not tolerate the use of the grocer’s apostrophe in the titles at the start of this clip!!!Why do people DO THIS??? It drives me to CAPITAL LETTERS and EXCLAMATION MARKS AND I JUST DON’T LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Well, that apostrophe was in the right place when she made the video but, for some unexplained reason, by the time it has gotten onto YewTube, the critter had moved. Not only that, but her argument made sense before those internet people got a hold of it.Why do you think this is, you ask? I’m not going to point fingers at the guvvament but there are thongs we are not being told about.

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