13 thoughts on “*fingers crossed

  1. I think you’ll need to upload it to a (free) file sharing site like Podbean or Boxstr, instructions should be available on the sidebar down by Frogprincess’ last post, just under Maddy’s picture. It takes about ten minutes with log-in and upload, then you can create a playlist with one track (podbean)- with boxstr this isn’t necessary- then copy the embedding code to your ‘Spill post.

  2. No credit to me – was amber81 who suggested it. I’d never heard about, but a search turned it up so it seemed a good one to use as my trial upload.As for Hymie, I’ve got my little ones (age 8) watching the original Get Smart and they love it.

  3. I must try and get them on dvd for myself.. uh, I mean for my daughter.. she needs to know what the cone of silence is, and why vee do not SHCUSSH in KAOS..

  4. hahaha, you should go read january’s posts, it’s all like : “i’m just testing to see if i can post a picture. oh! it worked”

  5. Nice one, tin. Might I add that the song is the K9’s bollocks. Thought it would do my head in at first but it turned out to be irresistible.

  6. Welcome aboard the good ship “I’ll-just-do-this-before-bed-bloody-hell-the-sun’s-coming-up”, TCM. btw, the song reminds me of someone very 80s/earnest, but I can’t place it …

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