6 thoughts on “Cibelle nicked my sons drum.

  1. Hi shane, could you post up your entire music collection please, with 300 words written on each song, and with a picture for each song too.then you can rest. kthanxbye.

  2. ok Blimpy I’m starting on Schwervon! ‘cos that’s what I’m listen to ……AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHH boxstr says I can’t upload again ’til midnight.. drat and double drat.

  3. Okay then, I will accept the entire record collection via mail. Please post all vinyl and cds and ipods to Blimpy McFLahSpill TowersBlogger StreetWebtown01001 1101001Best wishes.

  4. can we do a music sitting service.. one month with each others collections. I’m at:saneshaneDesign AsylumBlogged DownWebtown5ad 5ap I am only allowed out at weekends though. regards +

  5. no worries, hope you like..think I just hit buy on Appollo Nove after doing that for you..because of a Cibelle link, who? oh well I love suprises.

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