Out of control-alt-delete

And for the non-robots list…
Mogwai have a mellow moment, Jim Noir’s computer is – you suspect – a bit like his relationships, The Shortwave Set aren’t dedicating track three to the Guardian techies, Princess Superstar has a machine that can make her into anything she wants to be (perhaps) and, to close, The Shortwave Set (again) bring us an artificial sun.

2 thoughts on “Out of control-alt-delete

  1. The short reply is: I replied to this earlier, but it may have been on another post, but yes.The longer reply is: yes, because it’s more consistent than the first album, better tunes and cleaner production but not overproduced. The Michael Hann review was pretty spot-on, in that it doesn’t sound like TST were influenced by anything beyond the mid-70s, but it sounds great and that’s what counts, unless you’re a music historian.

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