Booking now for Glastonbury

I thought with the controversy over the selection of Jay-Z to headline Glastonbury, RR and its spillers (Spleaders Recommend?) – being the chairty-minded sorts that we are – ought to help the old farmer with his musical harvest and suggest a band or two.
I’ll nominate Gaslight Anthem’cause they are in the Glastonbury traditional of being guitar-based, because they are a terrific band with good songs, and because they’d rock the place.

Fab song from fab, fab, fab new album

I’m sure there’s lots of you out there who for years have been wondering ”I wonder how great Springsteen would be if Joe Strummer was in the E Street Band.” Well it probably would sound something like this: The Backseat from Gaslight Anthem’s terrific (and I mean terrific) new album The 59 Sound.

Gifts From The Internet

Here’s two things the internet has given me this evening:
1. This website, if you like the above picture – it’s well worth a butcher’s
2. This song, which is from El Guincho’s side project Coconot, and is a nice bit of troplicanimalcollectivia – found on the internet’s second best music blog gorrilavsbear

Conservad El Rayo by Coconot